Medical Face Shield Ref : ES51(IND)

Karam’s COVI LOCK wrap around face shield ensures coverage of full face area including both ears and down the chin. It is recommended for use by service personnel in Hospitality industries like Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, in Airline Industry, etc. COVI LOCK protects the user’s face from all biological and chemical splashes when exposed to such risks. Optical class 1 visor offers minimal distortion while working. It have skin friendly forehead band offers long lasting comfort for extended hours.


1. Material -Polyethelene Terapthelate
2. Full face area coverage with wrap around design
3. Polyurethane Foam forehead band for comfort
4. Provides snug fit to all head sizes
5. Easy adjustment through adjustment buckle
6. Recommended for service personal in Industries


Protection for eye from chemical and liquid splashes

Additional Information:

Certified to EN 166: 2001

Warranty and Guarantee:

All KARAM products bear 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects, applicable on Unused products, from the date of purchase.
However, KARAM shall not be liable for any accident or damage while the product is in use.


Face shield for full face protection from any chemicals or biological splashes.


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