MSA S-Cap Escape hood in cardboard box

The MSA S-Cap Escape hood cardboard box is designed to help yourself or others escape from emergency situations where there are toxic gases or smoke fumes present.  It’s a one-time use hood, comes in a sealed cardboard box and will provide you with 15 minutes escape time.

It’s a popular choice of escape hood by rescue teams and can be used to assist people in an evacuation, even if they are unconscious. They may also be used in residential areas, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, office buildings or meeting rooms.

In addition to heat and flames, smoke and gases such as Carbon Monoxide are extremely dangerous to your respiratory health.  The S-Cap hood features an integrated nose cup which is suitable for various head and face sizes and is also directly connected to a breathing filter.
The hood itself is resistant to heat and short flame contact and is able to be easily donned within seconds.  It comes in a universal size.

  • Bright, yellow visible hood with a large lens for a wide field of vision
  • Adjustable head harness inside
  • Equipped with an exhalation valve with low breathing resistance
  • Light cotton neck seal for added comfort
  • Ideal for spectacle wearers
  • Protected and stored in aluminised foil, vacuum-sealed bag
  • Instructions are easy to view and follow

Technical Data
Protection range: The filter fitted on the S-CAP smoke hood protects
against numerous contaminants. It removes toxic and eye-irritating fire
smoke and gases from the inhaled air, such as carbon monoxide,
acrolein, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide and
particles of harmful substances (P 2).
Like any filtering device, the S-CAP should only be used in areas where
there is an adequate level of oxygen, as required by local regulation.
Material Hood: Coated PVC
Neck Seal: Cotton
Lens: PET
Inner mask: NR natural rubber, grey

Filter: Multi Purpose Filter
(CO, gases from fire & particles P2)
Weight approx. 630 g (ready for use)
Size one universal size
Service time min. 15 minutes (rated service time)
Breathing resistance

Inhalation resistance approx. 1.2 mbar
Exhalation resistance approx. 0.5 mbar

Storage life Factory sealed in foil bag under proper storage condi-
tions. Maintenance-free for 4 years.

Thereafter, testing is required. Max. shelf life: 10 years
(4 + 4 + 2 years). Life for S-CAP stored on vehicles:
max. 8 years
Approvals: EN 403:2004
Ordering Information
10064644 S-CAP in cardboard box
10064645 S-CAP in wall box
10064646 S-CAP in fireman’s pack (pack of 3)
10081637 S-CAP in pouch
10113222 S-CAP in pouch without carrying strap
10101163 S-CAP in Container Elite (pack of 2)


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