Vega Kavach-1 Face Shield, Face Protection shield, Full Face Protector

Faceguard face shield helps to protect portions of the user’s face to certain exposures, when the front and sides of the face are covered with it. They help reduce the possibility of splash, sprays, and droplets from going around the edges of the shield and reaching the eyes or other facial areas. The key features of the product are, high clarity 178μm PC film with UV resistance, high impact strength, easy to sanitize, 17.6mm thick Norseal foam, UV disinfected and packed and adjustable elastic band.


Covers the entire face. Optical clarity
Made with high impact poly carbonate material that is unbreakable
It can be moved up and down when required which makes it easy for the user.
Velcro strap to adjust according to an individual’s head.
Can be cleaned with soap water.


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